Plant Craver

10528 Deerberry Dr.

Land O'Lakes, Fl 34638

Our quinoa & chickpea based burger is hearty and full of smoky barbeque flavor.  Served with purple cabbage and roasted sweet corn.  Fully cooked, delivered frozen and always plant-based.  Serving size, 1-10 oz contatiner.  Store frozen with a two month shelf life.


Ingredients:  garbonzo beans, quinoa, oatmeal, garlic powder, smoked paprika, cumin, pink salt, chili powder, cayene pepper, date sugar, ketchup, liquid smoke, maple syrup, and vegan worcestershire sauce. Purple Cabbage:  cabbge, white vinegar, pink salt & black pepper.  Roasted Corn:  organic sweet corn, smoked paprika, and pink salt.

Grilled Barbeque Veggie Burger

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