Plant Craver

10528 Deerberry Dr.

Land O'Lakes, Fl 34638

Fall flavor is here!  This doughnut is gluten-free and vegan.  Mad fresh, delivered frozen, just warm and enjoy!   Serving size, 6-doughnuts per box.  Store frozen with a two month shelf life.  Contains soy and tree nuts.


Ingredients:  gluten-free all purpose flour, almond flour, oat flour, raw sugar, baking powder, pink salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin puree, coconut puree, soy milk, apple cider vinegar, and vanilla extract.  Frosting:  powdered sugar, coconut puree, soy milk, clear vanilla extract, almond flour, pure maple syrup, and cinnamon.  

GF Pumpkin Doughnut

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