Kind Words From Cravers

My cholesterol was 225 and my doctor had just put me on a plant- based diet.  I was overweight and tired all the time.  I was having severe digestive issues and was looking into having surgery to correct the issue.  I decided to contact Lori.  She helped me streamline my pantry and make better food choices. She has an app with recipes on it that is my lifeline!  It has been 3 months and I am down 21 lbs. and my cholesterol is 125.  I no longer have digestive issues and have cancelled all appts. with digestive specialists! God is good and so is eating whole food plant-based!

Gretchen Butler-Elliott

I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease in Nov. 2014.  My descending artery was 99% blocked, I had 3 stints placed in my heart that day.  For the next three years I dabbled in healthy eating but eventually would fail.  Lori challenged me to a 30-day whole foods plant-based lifestyle in May 2018.  I lost 21 lbs. in that month and I felt better than I had in years! Having Lori as my accountability coach, she answered all my questions like,  where do I begin? What do I shop for? What happens after 30 days?  For 3 months Lori was by my side helping me with all of my struggles and challenges.  Here we are 8 months later, and my cardiologist is thrilled and truly believes that if I maintain this lifestyle I will never have another stint again!

Jana Johnson

C and I gave an enthusiastic "YES" to the 28-Day Challenge on 9.15.18 and we have not looked back.  We have both lost 10-15 lbs. and are not obsessed with calorie counting.  We had our Dr. order labs after being on the eating plan 8 weeks, several readings were trending in a favorable direction.  Lori has been a constant encourager and source of information.  She truly is committed to those she is serving with this healthy lifestyle.  We feel lighter, better and in every way excited about the future!

Martha & Cheryl

Lori Martin as our coach has made the transition to a whole foods plant-based lifestyle a breeze.  It started with education, followed by cleaning & organizing my pantry then hands on cooking techniques and preparing DELICIOUS food.  Her recipes......WOW! Having Lori and her infectious passion by my side helped me to realize this lifestyle was possible and easy.  My husband and I are not only believers but are committed! We have dropped weight and have more energy.  Lori helped Scott and I kick start our WFPB journey and she can help you too.  Who knows what effect your lifestyle can have on others wanting to join in this journey.  

Scott & Nancy Suret

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